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Soucieux de casser la routine et solliciter toujours les instrumentistes dans des œuvres peu familières, le chef Gustavo Gimeno n’a jamais rien négligé pour hisser l’Orchestre Philharmonique de Luxembourg qu’il porte ainsi depuis 2015, à son meilleur. En témoigne l’actuelle saison 2023 – 2024 où de somptueuses réalisations se sont accomplies, soulignant le niveau de l’Orchestre, et tout autant, le lien très fort tissé avec le public. La prochaine saison 2024 – 2025 sera sa dernière à la tête de la phalange luxembourgeoise. L’heure est ainsi au bilan mais aussi à la célébration d’un fonctionnement exemplaire qui promet de nouveaux jalons dans cette complicité heureuse et féconde qui unit le chef et les musiciens luxembourgeois…


CLASSIQUENEWS : The current 2023 – 2024 season marked the 90th anniversary of the Luxembourg Philharmonic. How is this season emblematic of the work you do with the musicians? (repertoire, specific instrumental work, new forms of concert, etc…)

GUSTAVO GIMENO : In a way it is a continuation (and unavoidably, a culmination too!) of the work done during the last years. We have done much repertoire together, so we continue exploring works together, most of which we have not performed together yet, and which the orchestra is not familiar with, like Prokofiev 3rd symphony, Feste Romane by Respighi, Bruckner 6th, Shostakovich 15th among others…this keeps routine far away and gets us motivated and curious.  We will also be working again with great soloists like Tabea Zimmermann and Seong-Jin Cho and touring to my home country Spain (our last tour together) and Vienna. But as well before starting the season, we will perform at the Summer Festival of San Sebastian again this year, with Canadian pianist Bruce Liu (1st time collaborating with our orchestra in Luxembourg!), Amsterdam Concertgebouw and Pollenca (Majorca). Photo : portrait de Gustavo Gimeno © Sébastien Grébille / Philharmonie du Luxembourg.


CLASSIQUENEWS : In the future, which aspects do you want to further deepen with the musicians, especially in the perspective of your last 2024 / 2025 season?

GUSTAVO GIMENO : I find it important to leave the orchestra at the best possible artistically and socially, with the right mood and attitude in order to be ready for future developments and challenges.


Luxembourg Philharmonic-Gustavo Gimeno
Photo: Marco Borggreve


CLASSIQUENEWS : You led the Orchestra on several CD recordings : what were the issues? (repertoire, challenges, etc…)? Which one are you most proud of? Some favorite recordings (1 or 2 title,s) ?

GUSTAVO GIMENO : Indeed, challenges and repertoire in which I thought we could tell something interesting and bring something valuable to the recording industry nowadays. Sincerely, I tend to be the happiest about our last recording, so I really think our best is the one which is about to be released, a monographic recording on Henri Dutilleux’s music, together with cellist Jean-Guihen Queyras.


CLASSIQUENEWS : Why is it important for you to establish a human and fraternal functioning within the Orchestra? What do you do concretely for this purpose?

GUSTAVO GIMENO : In a way, working with an orchestra is just like any other relationship and I believe the best results are achieved when there is a good environment, honest, respectful, passionate and of course with much dedication and hard work. That’s what I try to do; I make an effort in conveying daily, the values I believe in and which I think are important in a relationship.


Luxembourg Philharmonic-Gustavo Gimeno
Photo: Marco Borggreve


CLASSIQUENEWS : Since your arrival in 2015, how have you strengthened ties with Luxembourgers and the Grand Duché in general? How does this particular relationship between the Orchestra and its spectators/listeners manifest itself?

GUSTAVO GIMENO : Something I am particularly satisfied of in the last years, is the fact that I clearly notice how our audience at the Philharmonie and the people of Luxembourg identify themselves with us, with their orchestra, and they also show how proud they are of the artistic level reached and activities done during the last years. They know they can attend our concerts and will hear wonderful music, performed by an orchestra playing with full commitment, sounding at great level and which is comparable to some of the international orchestras which visit our hall.


Propos recueillis en mars 2024



Gustavo Gimeno et les musiciens de l’Orchestre Philharmonique de Luxembourg © Alfonso Salgueiro


L’Orchestre Philharmonique de Luxembourg
en quelques dates


Créé en 1933 sous l’égide de Radio Luxembourg (RTL), l’Orchestre Philharmonique de Luxembourg est missionné par l’État depuis 1996. Il entre en 2005 en résidence à la Philharmonie Luxembourg, avec laquelle il forme une seule entité depuis 2012. Ses 99 musiciens issus d’une vingtaine de nations sont dirigés par Gustavo Gimeno, qui occupe le poste de directeur musical depuis neuf saisons…


Retrouvez la riche saison 2023 – 2024 de la Philharmonie de Luxembourg ici : https://www.philharmonie.lu/fr/


Découvrez ici les prochains concerts de l’Orchestre Philharmonique de Luxembourghttps://www.philharmonie.lu/fr/philharmonic/

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